Dispatch to Delivery


New users should be created with the designation ‘Delivery Agent’ in Warehouse web application > Admin > User management. This user should access the Provider mobile application by enabling the toggle while creating the user in User management.

The user can log in using his web application credentials.


On this screen, the delivery agent will view the list of Sale Invoices assigned to them and on the current date (i.e., today’s date). This will act as a checklist for the delivery agent when loading the packages. You can select the SI’s and click on the ‘Load’ button at the bottom. The load button is enabled only when you have selected all the SI’s.


Screen 1: You can either click on the ‘Scan’ button or enter the Invoice date and Submit it on this screen.

Screen 2: If you have clicked on the Scan button from screen 1, it will redirect you to this screen to scan the barcode on the Invoice.

Screen 3: This screen fetches the Invoice and displays the details on the screen. At the bottom, you can find a ‘Signature’ button; by clicking on it, you will be redirected to Screen 4.

Screen 4: On this screen, the package receiver can sign with his/her fingertip and save, which throughs a pop-up in which you can enter the receiver’s Name and Save.

Screen 5:On this screen, the signed Sale Invoice is displayed along with the receiver’s name and a Deliver button at the bottom. On clicking, the Invoice is displayed in the Status> Delivered screen.


On this screen, we have two sub-tabs ‘Delivered’ & ‘Undelivered’ 


Under this screen, we display all the invoices delivered, i.e., Invoices with the status ‘Delivered.’


Under this screen, we are displaying all the Invoices which are yet to be delivered. There is a provision to select the Invoice and request for rescheduling by clicking the ‘Reschedule’ button. Once the Invoice has been requested for Reschedule, it is no more displayed under this tab.