Nursing Station

  1. Click on the nursing care tab under services menu.
  2. The user should next click on nursing station.
  3. The user then has to click on the ward for the concerned patient from the drop down.

Note: The nursing care module functionality is for inpatients only. The nursing station displays only ward and ICU patients. To see how to admit a patient to the ward please refer to the Ward Module and check the Bed Allocation Section.

  1. On clicking the ward name, the user can see the names of patients admitted to that particular ward.

  1. The patient name, patient mobile number, admission date, diagnosis, room number and bed number are displayed.

  1. The Doctor Instructions would be recorded in the nursing care screen from the doctors EMR.

  1. The user must click Doctor Instructions below the patient info tab.
  2. The nurse can enter the nursing notes by typing in patient observation and the other necessary details.
  3. The user has to click on nursing notes, Editing deleting and creating nursing notes is possible from here.
  4. The More Details option can be selected by clicking on the EMAR button and selecting the patient name.


  1. The details of the concerned patient can than be seen in time wise detailed format. The medicines prescribed should be approved by the concerned doctor n the EMAR- ERX against the concerned patient.
  2. The user has to add the new drug to the drug column. The brand, composition, type, route, frequency, actions have to be entered.

  1. The same drug details would display in the nursing station.

  1. The service recording button is used to record the services provided to the concerned patient while he/ she stays an inpatient.
  2. Once the user clicks the service recording button the application reaches a screen where he/ she can add services and the provided quantity.

  1. The related price would show automatically in the price column.
  2. The user must press the + button to add the service.
  3. The delete icon is available in the actions menu in case the user wants to delete a particular added service.
  4. The user has to click on the service list button to see the list of added services.
  5. The from date and to date have to be entered to see the list of services administered to that patient during a specified period.
  6. The discharge request button can be used by the nurse only if the doctor has given permission to the nurse to issue discharge.
  7. The all services recorded button is to be used when all the services, even post discharge have been provided to the patient. The nurse can check whether the services have been provided or not before clicking the all services recorded button.

Note: Once the all services recorded button has been clicked, no further services can be added to the service list of a particular patient.