Raising an OT Request

  1. Click on OT management under the services screen.


  1. Click on the OT request button.
  2. The user then has to select the patient on whom the operation is to be performed.
  3. The user then has to select the operation theater in which the operation is to be performed by choosing from the Operation Room drop-down menu.
  4. The next step is to choose the scheduled date from the given calendar on the screen.
  1. The first column of the appearing form contains the patient details like name, Patient ID, age, blood group, gender, age, guardian name, and any relationship or position with the healthcare organization.
  2. Enter the Surgeon ID, Surgeon Name, Assistant Doctor ID, and Assistant Doctor name in the Surgeon details column.
  3. The operation details are the next part of the form. The operation name and location cannot be edited at this stage (as they have already been selected)
  4. The type of anesthesia can be decided below the respective column in the operation details.
  5. Either the fixed operation date has to be entered in the operation date, or if the patient is under observation, an estimated operation date has to be provided.
  6. Enter the blood infusion and implant details in the implants column.

  1. The next step is to click on the submit button. The user has now generated an OT request.
  2. If the user wants to cancel the OT request, they can click on the cancel button.