Follow the capitalization guidelines in The Chicago Manual of Style. Some guidelines are specific to Drucare documentation:

  • See the Drulexicon for the correct capitalization of Drucare terms.
  • Don’t use capitalization for emphasis.

The types of capitalization styles referenced are as follows:

Headline style
Capitalize the first and last words, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and subordinating conjunctions (if, because, as, that, and so on).
Don’t capitalize articles (a, an, the), coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, nor), the “to” in an infinitive, and prepositions (with, to, for, in, from).
For hyphenated words, capitalize the first element and the subsequent elements unless they are articles, prepositions, and coordinating conjunctions. The following are examples:

  • Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • The Command-Line Interface

Use headline-style capitalization for names, titles, and headings.

Sentence style
Capitalize the first word and all proper nouns, such as product names or proper feature names. Use sentence-style capitalization for topic titles and section headings.

Use sentence-style capitalization for anything that reads as, or is similar to, a sentence. That is, it has a noun, verbs, participles, and the other parts of speech.

For the following components in Drucare docs, use these capitalization guidelines:

Doc component Capitalization style
Manual titles Headline style
Chapter titles Sentence style
Headings at any level, including headings in tables Sentence style
List items Sentence style
Column headings in a table Sentence style
UI text See UI text style guidelines.

Don’t capitalize terms that are normally capitalized as UI terms when they refer to concepts instead. See the following examples:

Concept UI term
Users with admin privileges can change the server settings. Click Settings > Server Settings.
Identify the number of indexers in your deployment. Click Data > Indexers.
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