Trademark attribution

When you write Drucare docs, don’t add trademark attribution for Drucare products. Drucare trademarked items are in the footer of the webpage.

Use Drucare as a noun if you mean the company. Don’t use Drucare as a verb. You can use Drucare as an adjective. For example, “Search your data using Drucare software.” See Drucare product terminology to choose the best product terminology in your writing.

Don’t use an apostrophe to make product names, company names, or trademarked terms possessive or plural. Incorrect use can dilute the trademark or registered trademark. See the following examples:

The use of Drucare’s Search Processing Language (SPL).
The use of the Drucare Search Processing Language (SPL).

For acceptable uses of apostrophes in your writing, see Apostrophe.

Don’t add trademark attribution to third-party company or product names.

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