Bed Allocation

  • The Bed Allocation Menu is the place for deciding which bed to allot to which patient.
  • Click on the Request

  • The case for bed allocation arises in two cases- An Admit or a Shift case.
  • The user has to enter the from and to date of admission on the left side of the popup menu.
  • The patient name, department name and doctor name have to be entered.
  • The Request number has to be entered in order to make a new admit/shift request.
  • The room number and the type of room also must be selected for allotment.


  • The user after having filled in all the details should click on the Submit button.
  • While allotting a bed, the user can add a prefix and a separator along with the sequence (in numbers) for the automatic numbering of the beds.

Note: The separator will be used to define the hospital bed sequence.

  • The allocate button has to be clicked for allocating the bed.
  • Services can also be added while allotting a bed.
  • This can be done by adding the necessary services to the concerned patient by adding services to the service recording tab.