Daily discharge report

The daily discharge report shows the number of patients that are discharged from the concerned healthcare organisation on a daily basis.

  1. The user has to click on the Ward module from the dropdown in the Modules column.
  2. The user than has to click Consolidated Admission and Discharge Report and click on the Proceed button.

Daily discharge report

  1. Once the Proceed button is clicked, the daily discharge report generation asks for specific dates to be selected on the next screen in the From and To dates.

Daily discharge report

  1. These dates can be adjusted manually, or a prefixed option can be selected from Today, One Week, Last Week, 1 Month, Last Month, Three Months and Last Three Months.
  2. Once the Apply Filters Button is clicked, the daily discharge report for the selected period is displayed.

(Screenshot Not Available as the report is not getting displayed currently.)

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