Increasing/ Decreasing Beds

  1. To increase the beds, the user needs to click on edit room button.
  2. The number of beds can be increased by the up-arrow button.
  3. When the up-arrow button is clicked to increase the bed a popup asking Number of Beds to Increase, Beds and Beds Category Appear.
  4. The submit button is used to finalize the number of increased beds.

  1. The number of beds can be decreased by the down arrow button.
  2. The application asks for the number of beds to decrease.

  1. The beds can be decreased only if the room is empty.

  1. The change prefix option is there to change the prefix of the bed numbering.

  1. The Bed Number Prefix, Separator and sequence i.e. bed counting pattern can be entered here.

Note: In case the capacity of a ward or the room is to be changed post fixing the capacity in the beginning than it is necessary to ensure that the wardroom is empty before the capacity is modified.