Inventory List

This screen displays a list of items in the Inventory with the following details and also provide a search option with each column. 

  • S.No 
  • Name/Number 
  • Barcode 
  • Batch No 
  • Location 
  • Expiry date 
  • PPP (Pieces per pack) 
  • Quantity 
  • UOM (Unit of measurement) 
  • Purchase cost 
  • RRP (Recommended retail price) 
  • Actions: Here user can view, edit, delete and view Package details/Unpack. 




Above the list of items, a ‘Search’ bar has been given to search the item either by ‘Item name’ or ‘Item number’.  

Followed by that, buttons are provided for the barcode.  

  • Generate barcode: This gets enabled only if the barcode is added while entering the item in the Inventory. On click, it generates a barcode and gives a print. 
  • Barcode settings: User can set up Barcode name, label, margin, template. 

Above these buttons, Alert hints are given with   

  • Red as Expired 
  • Yellow as Low stock 
  • Orange as near to expiry 

These hints show up beside the checkbox when an item gets alert.  

At the top right a button “Pack Items” is displayed, clicking on this will redirect to a screen where items can be packed. Give package name (Package can be created in Settings> Package creation), enter the batch number, enter selected qty.  

Defined pack qty * No. of packages = select quantity (should not be > available qty)  


Pack Item

Click on the Pack button. In the same way, you can Unpack the items as well.