Purchase Order

Through this screen, we can raise a new Purchase order. Enter the required details, fields with “*” are mandatory. If you are not able to find the vendor name in the drop-down, then go to the ‘list of vendors’ screen and follow the procedure for ‘Add new vendor’. When you click on it to confirm the order a new PO is generated against that vendor.  

Purchase Order History: 

On the top right, we can find a ‘Purchase Order history’ button. Onclick you are redirected to a screen, here you can select ‘From’ & ‘To’ dates, all the PO’s generated on these dates are displayed in the list. You can also search by PO number, vendor name and Order status.  Here in the list, we can Edit, Cancel, Print and convert to Invoice but before that, we need to Sync the invoice with MYOB, a PO for which Sync is required are highlighted in grey colour. 

We can’t edit or cancel the PO once it’s converted to Purchase Invoice. Only the ‘Print’ icon is enabled in the row after conversion. 

We have recently given a provision to add items to the Inventory directly through Purchase Order. Here in the action column, you will find an icon by the name ‘Add to Inventory’ this will be enabled only after the PO is synced with MYOB, onclick this will redirect to a screen where you can view the list of items added in that particular PO and it will ask for a few more details like received qty, Batch number, barcode, Expiry date, RRP & Location. Once you click on save the items get added to the Inventory. 

PO history

Recurring PO’s:

On this screen, you also have a button to set up recurrence for your PO’s. On click this button it redirects you to a Recurring PO History screen where a list of PO’s is displayed. From here you can Edit, Delete or change the Status to ‘Active’ & ‘Inactive’. 

On the top right you will find a “New Recurring PO” button where you can set up new recurrences for both existing or a new PO. Onclick you will be redirected to a screen where two radio buttons are displayed ‘Select PO’ & ‘Create PO’. As the name suggests ‘Select PO’ is to select from existing or previously generated PO’s and ‘Create PO’ is to generate a new PO. On the same screen you can set up the frequency of recurrence by clicking “Set Recurring Frequency”, a pop-up window comes up where you can set the date from which you want the cycle to start, set the occurrence, here you have two options 

  • In days: Every ‘x’ days Ex: From 2nd of April, it should occur every 7 days. 
  • Same day(s) each month: Select days in a month from the calendar on which you want the order to recur. You can also find checkboxes for common recurs like 1st, 15th & Last day of every month.   

Set Recurring Frequency

Back Order:  

When you convert PO to VI and if the PO quantity is more than the VI quantity, a backorder is created for the remaining quantity. 

Ex: PO quantity is 100 and a VI is generated for 70 quantities, then a back order of 30 quantity is created, which can be viewed in the PO history screen. And for 70 a VI is generated. 


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