Vendor Returns

After receiving the items from the vendor, there is a provision to return the items. In the Vendor returns screen all the VI’s are displayed;  

  • Item wise returns: You can select your VI and select the returned item and click on the ‘Return selected item’ button. Enter the return quantity, restocking amount if any and submit. The restocking amount is nothing but the charges for returns, this will be deducted from the return amount. On click submit a pop comes up, enter the Vendor Invoice number, select whether the return is by “Cash” or “Debit Note”, select account and submit. If the return is by debit note then the VI bill amount has to be paid completely I.e. Due amount should be 0.  
  • Service-wise returns: This is usually used if you want to return all the items in the VI. Against every VI you will find an icon on right called ‘Service-wise return’. It can be done only if the due amount is 0. I.e., payment is done. Enter details and save. It will reflect in the Debit note history screen. 

Vendor Returns

Return is generated and you are redirected to the Vendor returns history screen if cash returns and Debit note history screen if returns by Debit note. 

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