Vendor Invoice

Through this screen, you can generate Vendor invoices against vendors or can also convert a Purchase order to a Vendor Invoice. In case if you have added items to inventory through Purchase Order then that quantity is prefetched and displayed and it will act as a min quantity that needs to be recorded in Vendor Invoice, you can add more quantity that you received in later deliveries and generate the Vendor Invoice. Enter the details, fields with “*” are mandatory. Add item, enter batch no., RRP, qty, tax%, location and click the “Proceed” button the items get added in the Inventory and the Vendor Invoice can be seen in the Vendor Invoice history screen.  

Invoice Draft History:

While generating the Vendor Invoice there is a provision to “save as Draft” after entering all the details. All the Vendor Invoices that have been saved to draft will be displayed on this screen. You can edit or delete the Vendor Invoice from here. 

Vendor Invoice Draft history

Vendor Invoice History:

After generating the Vendor Invoice, all the Invoices are displayed on this screen. here you can select ‘From’ & ‘To’ dates, all the VI’s generated on these dates are displayed in the list. You can also search by VI number and vendor name. There is a provision to pay the bill and upload documents. When you click on the “Billing” icon it redirects to make a payment screen, where you can enter the required details, here in payment mode only card payment is enabled as of now, hence the user can pay only through the card.  We can do full or even partial payments, if the amount is paid partially then the remaining amount will reflect in the due amount. You can also use the previous debit amount while paying the current bill.  

Vendor Invoice History

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