Sale Invoice

Sale Invoice:

After converting Sale Order to Sale Invoice, all the Invoices are displayed on this screen. Here you can select ‘From’ & ‘To’ dates, all the SI’s generated within these dates are displayed in the list. You can also search by SI number and customer name. The order status at this state is “Invoice Generated”.  

There is a provision to Ship, pay the bill, send an email, and print tax invoices.  

When you click on the “Billing” icon it redirects to the make payment screen, where you can enter the required details, here in payment mode both cash and card payment are enabled.  We can do full or even partial payments, if the amount is paid partially then the remaining amount will reflect in the due amount. You can also use the previous credit amount while paying the current bill.  

Shipping: Shipping icon

When this icon is enabled, it means the order is ready to be shipped. Click on the icon, in the pop-up enter shipping remarks if any and submit. Finally, the order status is changed to “Order Ready to Ship”. 

Assign Delivery Agent:

Once the status is “Order Ready to Ship” the check box for that particular SI gets enabled and when the user selects it the ‘Assign Delivery Agent’ button at the top right gets enabled. On click it throughs a pop-up where you can assign the delivery agent and the delivery date. After Assigning it will redirect you to the Delivery Details screen, where you can track the status of SI. These SI’s will now reflect on the mobile app of that particular agent on that particular date.