Branch Management

The branch management option of the admin module is accessible only to the super admin. Branch Management is used to create a new branch. The branch might be the head office (from where the super admin generally operates) or the regional and zonal offices. The number of staff in the head office and a particular branch, the number of beds available and the number of licenses and certifications awarded to a department are the kinds of information available on the branch management screen. The number of specialities available at a particular branch of a healthcare organisation is also listed.

  • The Add New Branch button on the top right corner helps add a new branch.

Branch Management

  • Once the type of branch amongst Head Office, Regional Office and Zonal Office is selected, the branch registration proceeds forward by clicking the Save and Continue button.
  • At first, the form asks for basic details like Branch Name and the Organisation Type. There is a choice between Single Specialty and Multi-Specialty.
  • The system also asks for the number of beds attached to a particular healthcare organisation’s branch.
  • The Branch management module further asks for the licenses and certifications an organisation has been awarded. (The GST and PAN details are mandatory at this stage.)

Branch Management

  • Once these details are provided, the new branch gets registered after clicking on the Add Branch option at the bottom right corner.
  • A registration confirmation message is sent to the registered user once the branch is registered.—it will be sent to the admin account—account information by which the user can log into the branch—
  • Branch Management

Add address details and Regulatory and licence details and click ‘Add New Branch’.

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