Doctor Wise Appointment Reports

  • After clicking Reports Beta, the user has to select the appointment module from the reports history screen.
  • The user has to select Doctor-wise appointment reports in the Reports section and click on the Proceed button.

Doctor Wise Appointment Reports

  • On the next screen, the user has to select the from and to dates for which the report has to be generated.
  • The user can also choose from predefined options like Today, One Week, 1 Month, Last Month, and Last Three Months.

  • The next step is to enter the concerned doctor’s name.

Doctor Wise Appointment Reports

  • The final step is to click on the Apply Filters button.

  • Once the Apply Filters Button is clicked, the doctorwise appointment details are displayed.

Doctor Wise Appointment Reports

Print and Export of Reports

  • Clicking on the Print button helps get a print of the current screen that the user is viewing.

  • Once the user clicks the Export button, the options to download the exported file are available in two formats- Excel and CSV

  • Once any of these options are clicked, the report gets printed in the selected format for the user to save it and also take a hard copy.

  • The user can select either Excel or CSV formats.

  • The mark as the favorite button is used to mark any page or a report type as a favorite for easy accessibility.

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