When clicked on the patient list tab, select the OPD button.

OPD patient list for the current day will open up, showing the list of all the patients with encounter type as OP.

Or, select From date and To date fields to filter the list according to the chosen dates.

A check box on top of the table asks whether to show the patients for whom the encounter is not created so that the billing person would create encounters for those patients.

The patient list can be filtered using a date filter, filter by the option to filter appointment patient and search patient option where the search can be done by name, mobile number or patient ID.

The following columns can be seen under the patient list table:

  • Patient Details
  • Last Visit of the Patient
  • Doctor Name under which the Encounter is created
  • Patient Type
  • Encounter Type
  • Encounter Status
  • Payment Status
  • Bill Status



  1. Encounter Creation
  2. Service Recording
  3. Print
  4. Patient Invoice

The OP case sheet will be generated when clicked on the print icon.

When clicked on the IPD button, the IPD patient list will appear, and the below columns will be shown.

  • Patient Details
  • Admission Details
  • IPD Number
  • Primary Consultant Name
  • Billing Type
  • Advance Amount
  • Service Amount
  • Balance Amount
  • Bill Status

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