Branch Level Configuration

Click on the drop-down to select among lab, radiology, clinical, operational services, and pricing.

Branch Level Configuration

Services can be added with the help of ‘EXCEL UPLOAD’ option or can be added manually.

Clinical Pricing: On its selection, we’ll get a toggle button for Clinical services and Consultation.

Clinical Service

  1. Click on ‘ADD SERVICE’ and a pop-up showing the list of all the clinical services will come up.
  2. Multiselect the services and click on Add to my services.
  3. Service group name, Organization code, Applicable to encounter types and Base pricing are to be filled in the table.


A service has to be selected from the drop-down and a table would appear showing the columns:

  1. Employee id (from admin and non-editable)
  2. Doctor name(from admin and non-editable)
  3. No. of follow ups(from admin and non-editable)
  4. Validity of follow-ups(from admin and non-editable)
  5. Service type (selection from the toggle button)
  6. Auto billing frequency (Click on the settings icon to choose among the type of billing frequency from the pop-up and click on save)
  7. Applicable to encounter types (click on the settings icon and select the encounter types and click on save)
  8. Base pricing type (Enter the base pricing for the specific consultation services by clicking on All Visits or Three Visits)

How does Auto billing frequency work?

  1. The service type Manual or Auto is selected from the ‘SERVICE TYPE’ column and next to it is the ‘AUTO BILLING FREQUENCY’.
  2. If the service type is Manual, then while clicking on auto billing, we won’t see anything because the services would be manually added every time it would be given to the patient.
  3. When service type, Auto is selected, in the auto billing frequency we can see 2 options:

A. One time added – That particular service would be automatically added one time into the bill

B. Custom – the frequency for the service is recorded so that at that particular time it would be auto updated (Quantity and Time in hours, mins, days) and would be automatically added into the list of services given to the patient

If a new service is to be added because it is not there in the master data then the following steps are to be followed:

Branch Level Configuration
Branch Level Configuration


A pop-up appears

Click on ‘+NEW SERVICE

Enter the service name

Click on ‘ADD SERVICE’ button on the bottom

The services gets added into both Master data and Branch level configuration

Lab and Radiology services:

When Lab and Radiology services are selected from the drop-down, two tabs appear i.e. ‘MY ORGANISATION’ and ‘OUT GOING PROVIDERS’.

Select any one of the tabs


All the lab/radiology services would be shown from the test library list

Services for the branch level are selected and added into the list

Below are the columns which appear in the table:

-Service name

-LOINC code

-Org code (optional)

-Department name

-Applicable to encounter types

-Base pricing

-Actions (edit row and delete row)

Operational services:

Select Operational services from the drop down

Click on ‘ADD SERVICES’ and select and add services into the list

Or add a new service by clicking on ‘NEW SERVICE’ in the ‘ADD SERVICE POP-UP.

Following columns will come up:

-Service name

-Org code

-Applicable to encounter types

-Base pricing-Action (edit row and delete row)

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