Invoice list tab

Invoice list tab

Select/Enter the dates in From Date and To Date to see all the invoices.

You can also do the patient and bill number search.

Click on ‘SHOW MORE FILTERS’ to make your search more specific.

Click on ‘HIDE FILTER’ if you don’t want to use the extra filters.

When clicked on the ‘PROCESSED’ button, all the generated invoices would come up according to the filter applied.

  • Multi-select the invoices.
  • A print option will appear to generate prints for multiple invoices at once.
  • Each invoice would have print, cancellation, and refund options against them.
  • The write-off option would be only available to those invoices which have a due against them. And this write-off option is given to users on a role basis.

When clicked on the ‘DRAFTS’ button, invoices are in the draft stage because approval is pending for them in case of refund/discount/cancellation.

When clicked on the ‘DUE INVOICES’ button, all the invoices which have due against them can be seen.

  • Print, cancellation, refund, and write-off (role bases access) can be seen in the actions column.
  • The extra columns that can be seen here compared to the ‘PROCESSED’ list are Due against creditor and creditor name.
  • In the Due against creditor column, the due against creditor can be seen with an option to write-off that due or collect.
  •  If the creditor is due, enter the written-off amount, & click the proceed button.
  • To collect the due amount against the creditor, click on the icon, enter the amount to be collected, and click the proceed button.

How does Management Approval work?


  • In the service recording screen, select the services.
  • Select the type of discount that has to be given.
  • Enter the discount % or Rs according to the type of discount selected.
  • Above the Payment mode column, on the left side, ‘DISCOUNT SUMMARY’ details show  the discount limit for the approving authorities (Doctor and Management/Self).
  • Enter the discount against Doctor or Management or both on the right-side box.
  • If the discount amount being entered for a doctor is more than the limit which the doctor can approve, enter the rest of the amount against the Management.
  • Ex: If the discount required is 50% and the doctor is authorized only to give a 30% discount, then the rest of the 20% can be entered against Management.
  • Click on the ‘SEND FOR APPROVAL’ button.
  • A notification/OTP would be sent to the approving authority.
  • Till approval is received from the authorities, the invoice for that patient will be in the draft stage.
  • The user will get to know once the approval is given through a phone call or any other internal system that they would have. If it’s an OTP, the user will have to enter the OTP on the screen.
  • After verifying the OTP, select the payment mode, enter the amount to be paid and click on the ‘PAY AND PRINT’ button.
  • The invoice will move from the Draft stage to the Processed stage.


  • Go to invoice list.
  • Select the invoice for which a refund has to be given.
  • Click on the refund icon.
  • Select the services for which a refund has to be given.
  • Click on the ‘REFUND SERVICES’ button.
  • The ‘REFUND SERVICES’ button will only be activated if multiple services are selected.
  • The screen will open up where refund %/Rs can be given to the services based on the chosen type of refund.
  • Enter the refund according to the type of refund selected.
  • Enter the Reason for the refund.
  • The approval process will start.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the Discount process above.Invoice list tab


  • Go to invoice list.
  • Select the invoice for which cancellation has to be done.
  • Click on the Cancel icon.
  • Select the service(s) which are to be cancelled.
  • Click on the ‘CANCEL SERVICES’ button.
  • The ‘CANCEL SERVICES’ button will only be activated if multiple services are selected.
  • After the button is clicked, a screen will open up where the refund amount can be entered against the services.
  • After entering the refund amount or %, the ‘SEND FOR APPROVAL’ button will be clicked, and the approval process will start.Invoice list tab

Invoice list tab

The ‘PAYMENT DETAILS’ button can be seen on the top right side. When a particular bill is opened with the list of services.

Invoice list tab

When clicked, all the previous payment details against that bill can be seen, and every payment detail has a print icon against it to take a printout of the same.

Invoice list tab

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