Limits & Approvals Settings

A. Discount

– Click on Discount button

– Click on Consultation button and select ‘Discount by doctors’

– Select a service from the drop-down

– Against every doctor, enter the discount percentage and the alert type.

– Click on save changes

– Click on ‘Discount by others’ tab.

– Enter the Discount limit under ‘Discount limit’ column

– Under ‘Applicable to’ column, select the users and their roles

– Select the Alert type.

– Click on Add

-Then, click on ‘Save changes’ button.


B. Refund

– Click on the ‘Refund’ button

– If the refund settings are to be made same as the Discount settings, click on the check box saying ‘Settings same as in Discount settings’

– Else, click on Consultation button

– Enter details under ‘Refund by doctors’ and ‘Refund by others tab’

– Click on the ‘Save changes’ button.


C. Cancellation

– Click on Create Rule button on the right side of the screen.

– Select the Cancellation type – Amount would be selected by default.

– Enter the condition

– Enter the cancellation amount

– Click on the Arrow icon to enter one more condition

– Click on the Redo icon to clear the entered fields

– If multiple conditions are added, click on the delete icon to delete the extra conditions

– If there are multiple conditions, select from the drop-down of the field which says ‘whichever is higher/ whichever is lower’.

– Then select the Approving authority from the drop-down and the Alert type

– Then, select the departments on which the condition and the approving authorities would be applicable

– Enter a name for the rule

– Enter the rule description.

– Click on Create button.

– The screen will appear with the rule created.

Every rule will have a edit option and delete option.

Note: If there are no rules and approval settings set here, then there would be no approval process for discount, refund and cancellation.

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