Purchase Order

Purchase Order

The user can generate a purchase order against a particular item in the purchase order screen. Please note that the item here means reagents or consumables. Select to and from date to view the generated purchase orders for that particular duration, as shown in the image below

Purchase order

To create a purchase order, click on ‘Generate Purchase Order,’ select the product name from the dropdown list and select the vendor against which the purchase order needs to be generated. Click on ‘Add to purchase order’  as shown in the image below.

Purchase Order

In the next screen, enter the item details like expected delivery details mode of transport. Select item details like quantity in units, price per unit, etc., and click on ‘Save’ as shown in the image below

Purchase Order

Click on the edit icon to edit the item details, or click on the delete icon to delete the record. After all the details are added, click on ‘Generate PO.’ The purchase order generated will be shown on the previous screen. To check the purchase order details in the previous screen, click on ‘back to order history. The generated purchase order will be visible with a purchase order ID, as shown in the image below.

Generated Purchase Order

Click on the ‘Print icon’ to print the purchase order. Click on the ‘Delete’ icon to delete the purchase order. When clicked on the purchase order number, the details for that purchase order will be visible on the screen as shown in the image below.

Purchase order details

Click on ‘back to order history’ to go back to the previous screen with generated orders list. Click on ‘Generate a new PO’ to generate a new purchase order for the given item. This purchase order can also be converted to a vendor invoice. Click on ‘Convert to invoice.’ You will be redirected to the vendor invoice screen.

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