Lab Settings

You can access the lab settings by clicking on the Settings “Icon” in the top right corner. Under the settings, we have

  1. General Settings
  2. Barcode Settings
  3. Signature Configuration

General Settings

Users can view General settings where manual patient registrations can be done.


Barcode settings

You can generate external barcodes or create a barcode using a barcode generator ;

  • Click on the external barcode to scan the external barcodes.
  • Click on By using barcode generator to create a barcode.
  • Click on Create barcode and enter barcode details like barcode name, number of strips, units, template width, label height, label width, etc., as shown below.  


Lab Settings


Click on ‘Save’  to save the barcode. The created barcode will be visible on the screen, as shown below. 


Click on Edit to modify the barcode. Then, click on Delete to delete the barcode.


Signature Configuration

You can add signatures (of employees) to be printed on lab reports against the departments. There are three signature sections: left, middle, and right sections. Click on ‘Add Signature’ a popup will appear, as shown in the image below


Select the department from the dropdown, select employee and employee info for the left, middle and right sections, and click the ‘Add’ button to save the signature.

Lab Settings



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