Vendor Management

In Pharmacy services, click on Vendor management; it will land you on the following screen. Here on the left, you will find the list of vendors, and when you click on a vendor, you get all the details on the right along with a provision to ‘Edit’ and set the status to ‘Active/Deactive.’

Pharm Vendor Management

When you click on the ‘Transactions’ tab and select a vendor, it will display all the transactions against that Vendor. We can also record the payment by clicking on the ‘Pay now’; through a pop-up here, you can enter the details and click on ‘Record payment.’ The status changes from ‘Due’ to ‘Paid’. At the bottom, we display

  • Total Invoice amount
  • Total Paid amount
  • Total Due amount

Add new Vendor:

Click on the “Add New Vendor” button at the top right corner, it gives a pop-up where you can enter all the vendor details and click on the “Create Vendor” button.

Add new vendor

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