Monospaced font

Use monospaced font and monospaced font blocks in text paragraphs and tables. Don’t use monospaced font in headings or subheadings.

Inline monospaced font

Format the following elements as inline monospaced font:

  • Command line arguments in a paragraph
  • Configuration file parameters, arguments, and stanza names in a paragraph
  • Expressions
  • File paths
  • File path variables that might change based on OS
  • Search content, functions, and SPL commands
  • Simple XML elements
  • Source types

Monospaced font blocks

Format the following elements as monospaced font blocks on its own line:

  • Code samples
  • Command line arguments in a numbered list or longer than one line
  • Configuration file stanzas
  • REST API requests and responses
  • Simple XML source code for dashboards

For a full list of formatting rules for commonly documented elements, including all of the elements that take monospaced font, see Formatting reference.

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