Types of images

Drucare docs include the following types of images:

  • Screenshots
  • Diagrams
  • GIFs
  • Inline images

Images can help clarify your writing, but they must never replace your content. See Best practices for including images before including an image in your content.


You can use a screenshot to help users understand complicated UI workflows. Screenshots can be especially useful in content that is primarily task information, such as tutorials and use cases, and in content for audiences who are new to the product. Screenshots are less useful in concept, reference, or troubleshooting information.

See the following example of a screenshot:

This screenshot shows the list of Save As options. The list includes Report, Dashboard, and Alert. Report is highlighted.


You can use a diagram to help users understand complex system architecture, task flows, processes, and conceptual information. Diagrams supplement your content, so don’t replace your writing with a diagram. It’s okay if a diagram has text in it.

See the following example of a diagram:

This diagram shows a standard two-phase search process. The process is described before the diagram, in the section "Overview of parallel reduce search processing".


You can use an animated GIF to show steps in a UI. Use an animated GIF to supplement task information or paragraph text, so don’t remove essential text in favor of a GIF.

See the following example of an animated GIF:

The following animation shows how to add a Flow Model and launch the Explorer. The animation starts from the home page. Then, the user clicks the Add new Flow Model button. A pop-up message appears, and the user enters a name and base search for the Flow Model and clicks submit. In the Flow Model editor, the user selects customer_id under correlation ID and action under step, and then clicks Explore. The Explore view shows a flowchart of steps, starting with "new account created" and ending in "purchased game".

Inline images

You can use an inline image in a sentence to label a UI element, such as a toolbar icon or a button.

See the following example of an inline image:

Click the gear icon (Image of a gear.).
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