Links for Drulexicon entries and download files

You can include links to Drulexicon entries and download files as part of your sentence. You don’t need to use a “See” reference to introduce the link.

Drulexicon entries

Links to Drulexicon entries help familiarize users with Drucare-specific terms. Link only to terms that your audience might be unfamiliar with, and include the link at the first instance of the term you want to define. Bold the Drulexicon term. See the following examples:

  • You must configure the receiving port on the peer.
  • The universal forwarder collects data from a data source or another forwarder and sends it to a different forwarder or a deployment.

Download files

When you link to a downloadable file, use the file name or document name as the display name of the link. See the following examples:

  • Download the file.
  • Download the Machine Learning Toolkit Quick Reference Guide.
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