Bulleted lists

Use a bulleted list, sometimes called an unordered list, for a list in which the list item order isn’t important, such as a list of options.

You can choose whether you want to alphabetize or apply a different order to bulleted list items.

Qualities of bulleted lists

Bulleted lists must have the following qualities:

  • A complete lead-in sentence punctuated by a colon
  • More than one list item
  • Up to two levels
  • Parallel sentence construction
  • One sentence or idea for each list item
  • End punctuation if the list items are complete sentences
  • No end punctuation if the list items are characters, words, or phrases

For more guidance on using lists, see Best practices for writing with lists.


The following example of a bulleted list contains a complete lead-in sentence. Each item in the list uses parallel construction and doesn’t contain more than one phrase.

You can create the following types of Search Processing Language (SPL) commands:

  • Eventing commands
  • Generating commands
  • Reporting commands
  • Streaming commands
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