Numbered lists

Use numbered lists, sometimes called ordered lists or task lists, when the order of the list items is important, such as in procedural information or for sequential steps a user must follow.

Qualities of numbered lists

Numbered lists must have the following qualities:

  • A complete lead-in sentence punctuated by a period or a colon
  • More than one list item
  • Up to two levels
  • Parallel sentence construction
  • One action for each list item
  • End punctuation if the list items are complete sentences
  • No end punctuation if the list items are characters, words, or phrases

For more guidance on using lists, see Best practices for writing with lists.


The following example of a numbered list contains a complete lead-in sentence. Each item in the list contains a single action and uses parallel construction.

Create a real-time alert with per-result triggering

Real-time alerts with per-result triggering, also called per-result alerts, use a continuous real-time search to look for events. Each search result triggers the alert.

  1. Navigate to the Search page in the Search & Reporting app.
  2. Create a search.
  3. Select Save As > Alert.
  4. Type a title and optional description.
  5. Specify permissions.
  6. Select the Real-time alert type.
  7. Select the Per-Result trigger option.
  8. (Optional) Configure a trigger throttling period.
  9. Select at least one alert action that occurs when the alert triggers.
  10. Click Save.
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