Make the point in each of your sentences without using parentheses. Don’t use parentheses in place of commas, to enclose a complete sentence, or to include unnecessary information or an afterthought.

You can use parentheses to introduce an abbreviation.

Use the Drucare Search Processing Language (SPL) to search your data.
Use SPL (the Drucare Search Processing Language) to search your data.

You can use parentheses when explaining that a task is optional in a procedure.

(Optional) Type context for the task in a new paragraph.
Optional: Type context for the task in a new paragraph.
Type context for the task in a new paragraph (optional).

You can also use parentheses when writing about one or more fields in statistical commands and charting functions for SPL. See the following example:

  • Use with earliest(x) and latest(x) to calculate the rate of increase.

Don’t write a lowercase “s” or “es” in parentheses, “(s)” or “(es)”, after a noun to indicate both singular and plural. Choose the best option for your documentation.

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