Best practices for including tables

A table is a good way to present descriptions of choices, options, and fields that a user might encounter in a task. You can also use tables for reference information, decision support, compatibility matrices, and choices a user has.

Keep tables as simple as possible, and make sure that screen readers can easily parse tables. For more information about making tables accessible in Drucare docs, see Write docs for everyone.

Here are a few guidelines for working with tables in your content:

  • Introduce tables with a full sentence and a colon in your writing.
  • Don’t create a table with only one row
  • You can use tables in a list, but avoid using lists in a table.
  • Avoid merging or splitting table cells.
  • Avoid leaving table cells empty. If you need to keep a cell blank, use a nonbreaking space to make a cell appear blank.
  • Avoid including links in tables, unless the purpose of the table is to help users find information in the docs.
  • Use code samples sparingly in tables.
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